Global Gandhi

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Shanti Sahyog Centre for Nonviolence, New Delhi, India (CFN)

in collaboration with

Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Welcome to Global Gandhi International Half-yearly e-Journal

Global Gandhi is an initiative in an international Half-yearly e-journal format to adopt Mahatma Gandhi’s ethical and nonviolent approach, grounded in satya and ahimsa, to address the issues facing contemporary society. The mission is to create a process of dialogue, with all people of goodwill, coming from diverse nationalities, cultures and religions, to fashion and sustain a world order founded on truth, built on justice and cemented by love in order to bring about peace, progress and harmony.  Thus, Global Gandhi aims to provide an interactive platform, where persons who believe in Gandhian values, can find a voice to offer nonviolent solutions, in a world torn by conflicts and wars. 


Shanti Sahyog Centre for Nonviolence, New Delhi, India (CFN)

& Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Shanti Sahyog Centre for Nonviolence New Delhi, India (CFN), (formerly known as Shanti Sahyog Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution, started in 2018) – a unit of Shanti Sahyog. The aim is to create global awareness about nonviolence as essential to human survival. We work towards and promote Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, a World Beyond Violence NGO, Shanti Sahyog, is a developing think tank, research and advocacy organization, that strives to realize Mahatma & War, Peace Education, Citizen Diplomacy and & Peace Programs in India & abroad. This is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 16.

The Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) is an International Centre for Gandhian studies, applied research and dialogue. Its core objective is to preserve Gandhiji’s philosophy and promote his legacy based on truth, nonviolence, peaceful co-existence and the spirit of conservation through numerous initiatives, both constructive and educative. Through innovative platforms like the multimedia interactive museum, “Khoj Gandhiji Ki”, engaging exhibitions, dialogues, and impactful rural development programs, the GRF strives to create a positive social impact. Our institution is dedicated to advancing research through two distinctive pathways: the Student Internship program and the Research Fellowship program. These avenues offer immersive research experiences, drawing scholars, activists, and thought leaders from around the globe. Focused on areas such as rural reconstruction, eco sustainability, education, healthcare & treatment, and the principles of Gandhian philosophy, participants in our programs contribute to global collaboration, community empowerment, and the dissemination of knowledge and values. The GRF embarks on a journey of transformative research, fostering a world where the threads of wisdom and compassion weave together for the betterment of humanity.

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27 January 2024
Martys's Day Symposium & Seminar on,'Learning From Gandhi's Legacy'

9 August 2023
Launch of Shanti Sahyog
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6 April 2023
Symposium commemorating 93rd Anniversary of Gandhi's
Salt Satyagraha

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