The Science of Peace: 2nd Edition

By Dr. Suman Khanna Aggarwal

Pages: 256 pages

First Published: January 1, 2024

Published By: Heritage Publishers

About the Book

The Science of Peace endeavours to provide an easy self-help manual to those who seek a clear understanding of Gandhi’s thought and practice. As the title indicates, this study also aims to highlight the Gandhian emphasis that, ‘Nonviolence is a Science’, and like any other Science, it is a discipline with a distinct body of systematic knowledge, which has to be studied and learnt thoroughly, in order to be applied effectively, in all walks of life – from the personal to the political. Having taught courses on Gandhian philosophy and conducted workshops on Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, across several countries over the past three decades, the author, Dr Suman Khanna Aggarwal, realised there is minimal clarity about Gandhi’s basic concepts of Truth, Nonviolence, Service Satyagraha, etc. There is even less knowledge about how he practiced these values in his daily life and applied them in his community living, society and politics. This book is also an effort to empower the reader to understand Gandhi’s philosophy and see how his ideas may be applied to heal our present world situation of unmitigated conflict, violence, war and terrorism. It is an invitation to the reader to understand, practice and promote Gandhi’s legacy of Nonviolent Conflict Resolution and peaceful co-existence based on humane values that eschew narrow minded national, communal, fundamentalist and sectarian thinking. The book ends with a plea to world citizens, to Politically Legitimise Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, through introducing Nonviolent Defence in their nation states.

Book Reviews

1. “In a brilliant, clear and compelling manner Suman Khanna Aggarwal instructs the world, about Gandhi’s highly original and historically tested approach to peace, and its timely relevance to the struggles of the day.” – RICHARD FALK, Professor Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University

2. The Science of Peace…is a thought-provoking masterpiece that delves into the methods of attaining global peace…it sure influences every reader to consider…alternate paths for creating a better world. – CHANDRA PULAMARASETTI, Founder, Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation; Former VP, IBM Corp.

3. “A cogent introduction to Gandhian nonviolence, the book invites us to see human affection and respect in a more systematic way and to visualize getting justice that builds upon these rather than fear & hatred.” – DR. AMMAN MADAN, Education Professor, Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India

4. “The appeal of Dr. Aggarwal’s book, The Science of Peace, is in its compelling urgency of following Gandhi in thought and action.” – SHALINI SHEKHAR, Former Editor, Life Positive

5. “Dr. Aggarwal’s analysis of Love and its sameness with Nonviolence is life-changing. The book is essential for bringing humanity together as ONE, in the creation of a peaceful world, where war is obsolete.” – DEBORAH MORRISON, Canadian Life Coach & Author, Finding Your Centre

6. This book must be read again and again, and bits of educated awareness pop out of it every time one opens any of the pages. – ARVIND PASSEY, Editor, The Education Post

About the Author

A former Professor of Philosophy at Delhi University, India, Suman  Khanna Aggarwal, obtained her Ph.D. in Gandhian Philosophy in 1978 and went on to do 3 Post-Doctoral Research Projects in India (1984), Sweden (1987-88) & Canada (1990-91). 

In 1992, she founded the Gandhian NGO – Shanti Sahyog, which works in 17 South Delhi slums & in Tughlakabad Village, New Delhi, providing Quality Education, Healthcare, Vocational Training, & Legal Aid to the underprivileged – including Domestic Violence Victims. In 2018, she set up the Shanti Sahyog Centre for Nonviolence to promote Gandhi’s legacy of Nonviolent Conflict  Resolution and Vision of a World Beyond War

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