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Global Gandhi is an initiative, in an international half-yearly e-journal format, to translate into reality the belief that it is possible to adopt Mahatma Gandhi’s ethical and nonviolent approach, grounded in satya and ahimsa, to address the issues facing contemporary society. The hope is to create a process of dialogue, with all people of goodwill, coming from diverse nationalities, cultures and religions, to fashion and sustain a world order, founded on truth, built on justice and cemented by love in order to bring about peace, progress and harmony.   Thus, Global Gandhi aims to provide an interactive platform, where persons who believe in Gandhian values can find a voice to offer nonviolent solutions, in a world torn by conflicts and wars.

     Dr. Suman Khanna Aggarwal           &             Prof. Gita Dharampal                           (Founder and President, CFN)                                     (Dean of Research, GRF)                                                                                                   


Gandhi & His Many Critics: The Need for New, Challenging, Creative Interpretations and Applications Today

By Prof. Douglas Allen

Invoking Gandhian idioms to herald a new kaal-chakra ?

By Dr. Shankar Kumar


Permission for publication given by Prof. Augusto Lopez-Carlos
Editor, Global Governance Quarterly




Shanti Sahyog Newsletter 

January 2024  VOL 36

Khoj Gandhiji Ki



Note:  The views expressed in the articles and other items published in Global Gandhi are the author’s personal views and do not necessarily reflect the aims and objectives of the CFN Global Gandhi e-Journal. 

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