Children In Gaza

In Gaza

 In Gaza the last six months, Israeli bombs killed 13,851 Palestinian children.  

How can we, safe in the U.S., take in that number, that horror?

We can remember 9/11, the 3,000 killed, and multiply by 5.  

We can imagine the smoking towers filled with children.

 To get to 13,851, add 1 and 1 and 1. There is no faster way.

Each one is a child. Each has a name. Each is beloved:   

Abd Al-Jawad Mizar Hoso 

Abdel Khaleq Fadi Khaled Al Baba

… The list is long. To read it is to risk being changed.

KNOW THEIR NAMES: Palestinian children killed in Gaza War

 Each name has a story. It ends abruptly. It asks to be heard.

Mohammed Alshannat is the father of three children.

He tells about their terror, desperation, and starvation:

“ People are hoping that Israel nukes us so we get rid of this pain.” 

Read: “People are hoping that…” NYTimes by Nicholas Kristof, March 9, 2024                            

Three questions follow:

A plentiful world for all at the price of killing one tiny child, 

Would you accept that bargain? – Dostoyevsky

 If you permit this evil, what is the good of

the good of your life? – Stanley Kuntz 

What will you say in the years to come when asked… 

“What did you do during that genocide?”

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