The Boy Who Became The Mahatma (A Play for Children on Non-Violence)

By: Rajesh Talwar

Pages: 176 pages (Paperback)

First Published: January 26, 2023

Published By: Ponytale Books, New Delhi, India.

About the Book

The Boy Who Became the Mahatma is a play that seeks to inform children, and simultaneously have them meaningfully engage with the fascinating boyhood, adult and mature years of the person who became ‘the Mahatma’ and was called ‘the Father of the Indian nation.’ The playwright, Rajesh Talwar, focuses on the childhood years of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi that illuminate, as never before, his relationship with his mother, father and wife. A story of personal growth, the play discusses how Mohandas, the child, may have made mistakes but always reflected on any such unworthy actions, took remedial action where necessary and strengthened his moral fibre as a consequence. It moves on to discuss Gandhi’s life, as a young man fighting discrimination in South Africa. The last scenes focus on how the Mahatma not only fought for freedom from British rule, but also worked relentlessly against religious divisions and untouchability in India. Dramatic incidents in his life are interspersed with scenes in which five children react to his life, struggles and achievements in terms of their own identities. This fabulous device gives this unique and exciting play a contemporary feel, adding to the modern-day relevance of Gandhi’s life.

About the Author

Rajesh Talwar, has written twenty-nine books, which include novels, children’s books, plays,
self-help books and non-fiction books covering issues in social justice, culture and law.

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