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Quaterly Paper 1 December 2022

Dr. Suman Khannna Aggarwal’s latest book, The Science of Peace is now out! It has been published by Shanti Sahyog Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution (SS CPCR). It can be ordered from the Centre. Email us at to order your copy.

The Science of Peace endeavours to provide an easy self-help manual to those who seek a clear understanding of Gandhi’s thought and practice.

As the title indicates, this study aims to highlight that Nonviolence is a Science, and like any other Science, it is a discipline with a distinct body of knowledge. It has to be learnt thoroughly to be understood and applied effectively.

This book is also an effort to empower the reader to understand Gandhi’s philosophy and see how his ideas may be applied to heal our world situation of unmitigated conflict, violence, war and terrorism today. It is an invitation to the reader to understand, practice and promote Gandhi’s legacy of Nonviolent Conflict Resolution and peaceful co-existence based on humane values that eschew narrow minded national, communal, fundamentalist and sectarian thinking.

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